05 April, 2009

About "What You SHOULD Know"

What in the world?

I am a twenty-something year old enthusiast and adventurer who, up until shortly, had a very run-of-the-mill amateur food-blog. Who doesn't? Then, while trying to brainstorm new ideas I asked myself, what can I bring to this world of amazing photography and intricate professional recipes? I don't have a mandolin or seven kids so most cutesy themes were out of the question. The answer, I found, was fearlessness. I don't believe there is any recipe you need a Kitchenaid mixer or a culinary degree for, and though I may have to try several times, risking failure and disposable income, I will get it.

This is a blog of tips and facts focusing on specific recipes or ingredients that scare the inexperienced or even those few that give Martha Stewart pause. I, your white knight, am willing to brave the unknown; tackling it all with a small kitchen, no gadgetry, and no pretense.

These are the tricks that the recipe should include, but often doesn't; fret not my friends, I'll try it and let you know "What you SHOULD know"!

If you have any requests for a specific recipe or ingredient leave a comment or email me and don't forget to subscribe!


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