25 March, 2010


I shall be brief, my faithful handful of readers, on the changes whence forth shall be implemented upon the instance of the entry following. So I am changing the blog up; it's going to still feature dishes, recipes, and odd tellings but in a new way, get excited! I'm currently waiting on one of my programmer friends to make this all happen layout-wise, and currently trying to tweak my new idea.
As for the cookbook image to my left, I was recently gifted, by a dear friend, Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".. Now as I join the myriad of college food bloggers in gushing the praises of the cookbook I'll warn you that, yes, there will be recipes from this book featured, but hopefully in a new and possibly unique way.
What is truly amazing about this book is the depth of the instructions, accompanied by pictures even, holding your hand through some of the most intimidating recipes in the french repertoire. I find it particularly wonderful that due to the age of the book there is no recipe which requires a kitchenaid mixer, or other expensive accoutrement, to execute. Each recipe is an in depth true recipe and never requires canned biscuit dough or a packet of italian dressing, unique for it's time, unheard of in the present.


Oli Norwell said...

Is a book such as this suitable for a beginner?

Whitney said...

Yes, it is doable, but I would suggest you read the preface of the book explaining techniques before attempting a recipe on it's own.

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