22 July, 2009

Pecan Tassies

People in Texas love pecans, especially when they're involved in pies. Pecans, puh-cons, grow on trees and are quite common in the southern United States, and where I live, they're everywhere. I can hardly remember living in a house that wasn't some how adjacent to a pecan tree, and every fall we would collect them and have then taken to a professional sheller to be then frozen and used throughout the year.

I love pecans. I love pecan pie. So I made tiny ones.

Pecan Tassies (tarts)

1 cup Lyle's golden syrup

3 eggs beaten

2 tbsp butter melted

pinch salt

tsp vanilla

1 cup pecans chopped

filo dough (or shortcrust)

Cream butter eggs, salt, and vanilla. Mix in syrup. Take muffin tin and cut circles approximately 3 layers thick and place into each muffin tin, fill with pie filling to 3/4 full. Add chopped pecans on top. Place in oven at 350 F until fork comes out clean. Let set for 20 minutes.


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